DRAFT for 2022 (Final to be published upon draw confirmation)


  • Crews must be in position at least 10 minutes before the race start time. As a guide, it can take 50 minutes to paddle from Putney to Chiswick and 30 minutes from Hammersmith. 

  • Crews will be marshalled in six divisions, each division consisting of up to 50 crews. 

  • Crews proceeding upstream who have not passed through Barnes Bridge 15 minutes before the start time will be deemed late starters and be held downstream of Chiswick Bridge and will be started at the end. Any crew attempting to pass through Chiswick Bridge after 10 minutes before start time may be penalised or disqualified.

  • Crews may with permission boat within the marshalling area and join the marshalling crews late. Consideration will be given to more vulnerable crews.

  • When marshalling, remember you are on a tidal river and wind and tide may cause you to drift. You should maintain your position relative to the bank by paddling as required. Ideally your bank side blades should be in contact with the bank and the stream side blades used to keep you stationary.

Marshalling 2019 Pic.png
Marshalling 2019.jpg