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Marshalling 2024

22. Crews are strongly advised to leave their boathouses in good time – allow 60 minutes to get to the start from Putney and 40 minutes from Hammersmith to take account of the large number of crews on the river. With up to 360 crews afloat, all are asked to be alert to the needs of other crews at all times.

23.  Crews must be in their marshalling position by 1050 (10 minutes before the race start time). Crews not in their marshalling position on time may receive a time penalty.

24.  Crews will be marshalled in six divisions, each division consisting of around 50-60 crews. (NOTE: division sizes and numbers will not be finalised until after the draw)


(See Diagram Below)

25.  Late arriving crews may be held downstream of Chiswick Bridge and will be started at the end of the next appropriate division. 

26.  Crews should take care when using the Middlesex arch of Barnes Bridge, due to the newly constructed footbridge that passes under the arch close to the Middlesex bank.

27.  Crews boating from clubs within the marshalling area may not boat late in order to join their division as it moves up. 

28.  While marshalling, crews must keep as close to the bank as possible. Boats must maintain their position against the tide and neither allow themselves to become bunched together or allow gaps of more than one length of clear water to open up between them. No crew is to paddle at race or firm pressure in the marshalling area.

Rules HH 2023 v 1.0 Table 2.jpg
HH_2023_marshalling_diagram Final.jpg
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